May 5 ~ Men&#039#semi#s Fly Fishing Night

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May 5 ~ Men's Fly Fishing Night

The men had a great time attempting to fly fish,,, well, in all fairness, some of the men did actually know how to fly fish.  Others… well, let's just say they made a good showing for themselves and were good sportsmen.

Some of us gals stopped by their “fishing spot” on the way home from our study in Potomac and didn’t see any actual evidence that the men had put their hand to a reel.  However, we really appreciated their wonderful hospitality with the offer of HAMBURGERS to eat and a warm grill to cozy up to.

According to Steve, Billy only caught his neck, shirt sleeve, and the seat of his pants.  Not too bad for a first attempt at fly fishing.  Billy promptly informed us that he abandoned the fly for his traditional bobber and hook.

 All in all, I think the men had a good time,,, fish or no fish.